H. Andrew Schwartz
Large and scalable language analyses for psychological and health discovery; computational social science; natural language processing; lexical semantics; social media big data; human demography, personality, and mental well-being
Veronica Lynn
I am a third year PhD student at Stony Brook University. My interest is primarily in natural language processing, with some overlap into data mining and artificial intelligence. In addition to computer science, I am interested in the humanities and social sciences, particularly psychology, linguistics, and classics, and am drawn to projects that are interdisciplinary in nature. My long-term goal is to pursue a career doing NLP research, hopefully both in industry and academia.
MZ Zamani
10 years coding experience, Including Java, Python, C, C++, Matlab. Research interests: algorithm design, data mining, social networks, machine learning, NLP Strong theoretical background in CS, especially in algorithms, data structures, and graph theory. Recipient of Silver medal in Informatics(Computer) Olympiad.
Youngseo Son
Graduate Students
Kanishta Agarwal
Pooja Aravinder
Nipun Bayas
Austin Borger
Swatilekha Chaudhury
Rowan Menezes
Sourav Mishra
Anvesh Myla
Adarsh Prabhakara
Swetambari Verma
Aman Raj(MS, 2017; Now at Google) (MS, 2017; Now at Google)