H. Andrew Schwartz Large and scalable language analyses for psychological and health discovery; computational social science; natural language processing; lexical semantics; social media big data; human demography, personality, and mental well-being
PhD Students
MZ Zamani Computational social science and natural language processing; Social media language analyses for psychological health and well-being; Integrating language and extra-linguistic data; social networks and graph mining
Youngseo Son Natural Language Processing (NLP) for social media analysis. I especially focus on discourse relation parsing to extract key information for targeted tasks such as opinions and reasons for a political stance or sentiment, and finding the correlations of discourse styles with human variables such as personality. I collaborate with psychologists and computational linguists for Human-centered language modeling to obtain higher accuracies of various NLP tasks from traditional tasks (e.g., sentiment analysis) to novel tasks such as discourse style analysis for psychological assessment and well-being measurement.
Matthew Matero Natural language processing with particular care for areas involving time-series analysis, social media, mental well-being, and computational social science. Additionally, I have a broader interest in applied machine learning as a whole for tasks related to vision and computer networking.
Huy Vu The intersection of computer science and psychology: I love applying data science and natural language processing methods to analyze human thoughts, their characteristics and behaviors. Isn’t it cool to transform a person’s thought, something very abstract, into a concrete numeric vector space and then manipulate, analyze these vectors. Finally, map them back to the human’s thoughts space to predict their next behavior, or to predict their mental health state? My project now involves analyzing social media posts to understand the general public’s major beliefs on specific pre-defined topics.
Linh Pham My research interests include natural language processing, data science, and their applications in discovering behavioral and psychological factors, time-series analysis, and human-centered NLP.
Nicolas M. Legewie Nicolas M. Legewie received his MA and PhD in social science from Humboldt University of Berlin. Currently, he is a postdoctoral visiting fellow at the Sociology Department, University of Pennsylvania. Nicolas M. Legewie's research focuses on the role of social environments, such as personal and neighborhood networks, on educational and occupational attainment, and on upward mobility. He also writes and teaches about migration, the life course, research ethics, and research methodology such as video data analysis, mixed methods, and digital social science research. In a current project with H. Andrew Schwartz (Stony Brook) and Salvatore Giorgi (UPenn), he uses quantitative text analysis of large-scale geo-coded Twitter data, in combination with county-level census data, to study the impact of heterogeneity in cultural models of education and occupation in counties on individuals’ college enrollment and completion.
Oscar Kjell Developing ways to measure, describe and differentiate psychological constructs using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I'm particularly interested in measuring psychological well-being including harmony in life and satisfaction with life.
MS Students
Mihir Parulekar
Damayanti Sengupta
Sania Parveen
Parth Limbachiya
Akash Idnani
PhD and Postdoc Alumni
Veronica Lynn (PhD, 2019) Now at Facebook Research, Seattle. My interest is primarily in natural language processing, with some overlap into data mining and artificial intelligence. In addition to computer science, I am interested in the humanities and social sciences, particularly psychology, linguistics, and classics, and am drawn to projects that are interdisciplinary in nature. My long-term goal is to pursue a career doing NLP research, hopefully both in industry and academia.
Vivek Kulkarni (PhD, 2017) Now a Postdoc at Stanford University. My research interests include machine learning, graph mining, text mining, and theory.
MS Alumni
Kanishta Agarwal
Pooja Aravinder
Nipun Bayas
Austin Borger
Swatilekha Chaudhury
Rowan Menezes
Sourav Mishra
Anvesh Myla
Deven Shah (MS, 2018; Now at Yahoo Research)
Adarsh Prabhakara
Aman Raj (MS, 2017; Now at Google) Research Project: Large-scale social media assessment.
Swetambari Verma (MS, 2018; Now at Facebook) Project Area: Assessing Income and education from social media language.