Current Opportunities

Currently seeking one PhD Computer Science Student. 

Research Assistant Positions Available (Paid)!

What We Need: Research Assistants           

          We're looking for dedicated individuals to support our research.

Your Role:

          RAs will play a crucial role, beginning with recruitment for data collection, in addition to conducting presentations, data analysis, and       literature review.

Being a RA can be valuable and rewarding for several reasons:

           Building your CV to increase competitiveness for future graduate school or job opportunities 

           Networking opportunities with folks from within Stony Brook, as well as UPenn, and Stanford. 

           Increased opportunity for Research Coordinator position 

           Gaining practical experience of what it is like to work within in a research setting, including the various aspects of research, data collection and analysis. 

           Skill Development: Communication, Research Presentation, Project Management, Academic Writing Skills, and more

           Opportunities for publication and collaboration

Please contact with your cv/resume if you are interested in applying for this position, or if you have any questions!

Contact Us

E-mail:has -at- cs [dot] stonybrook . [edu].

Department of Computer Science
New Computer Science
Room 255
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2424

Phone: 631-632-2459